Hugs Everyone! (Brazilian for "Hi")
I will be playing Tomorrow SATURDAY the 23rd at 8:30 PM with my new music band at Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston Street - bet. B and C) (Directions: Take the F train to 2nd ave and walk 3 blocks east).

I will be presenting my sambas, Bossas, percussion studies for guitar etc.

With me the fantastic players:
* Stephanie Griffin (viola extraordinaire!) will solo "Bridges" a virtuosic piece for viola I wrote;
* maestro-cellist Dan Barrett, whose musical collaboration is too long to depict in this blurb;
* Jose Moura, bass virtuosi;
* Prof./ maestro Denise Puricelli queen of keys;
* Pradeep Ratnayake, Sitar master (whose very own show will precede mine at 7:30PM !!).

Hope to see you, Ladies, Gentleman, and all Crowd from our Mutating Species, there.

it's memorial day. So, let's forget it all together and support true New Yorkers' "fringe-idols..."


***---> P.S. This is a 3+ bands' show: Pradeep Ratnayake Sitar genius starts (7:30), then Kampela (8:30), Erbium (9:30) and more till 11:30. Come to see this packed unusual musical mix.


Sneak preview of my videos and music at Youtube and MySpace:



Dear All,

This will be my first show at the ISSUE PROJECT ROOM, a fantastic avant-garde space in Brooklyn. I sincerely would love to share this with you!  **Please do come if time has pockets and pockets have space...

In it I will be presenting my "Percussion Studies" for guitar. Margaret Lancaster will play my piece "Happy Days" (after Beckett) recently premiered in Seattle, for flute and electronics. Stephanie Griffin will play "Bridges" for solo viola and Joanne Lin a Cadenza for cello from my String Quartet.

Besides that, I will be playing Avant-Bossas-Novas "A-tonal" Sambas, Rocks à la Bartók, etc. Dan Barrett, cellist 'extraordinaire,' Jose Moura, lifetime bass brother and Denise Puricelli a true 'soul' on the keys, complete this mini-orchestra of virtuosi performers. As a special addition joining my band, the phenomenal sitar player Pradeep Ratnayake!
---> So, in my biased view, it's an unmissable show!!...
**Sharing News: I was recently commissioned by the New York Philharmonic to compose a work for their New Music Ensemble that will be opening their 2010 season. It will be premiered in December and will be conducted by Magnus Lindberg. so I am busy and this will be my first foray into "showbiz" this year with my whole band.
** We need your support to keep going on this and other venues! So please, do come by!!!

WHEN: THIS COMING Saturday March 28th @ 8 PM

WHERE: Issue Project Room
232 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 330-0313

PRICE: $10 at the door. Go to the link to buy tickets online just click on my name when you see the calendar.
to buy online just click: 

Directions: Subway F Line, Subway G Line
Walk East down Third St over Gowanus Canal to Third Av = 5 min walk

Subway F Line, Subway M Line, Subway R Line
Walk North on Fourth Av. West on Third St to Third Av = 5 min walk

Hugs to All,





Hi Everybody, Amigos,

I just upload a couple of videos on you tube. If you go there and 
write Arthur Kampela you can see all of them. But I am sending the 
links below anyway.

There you can find many of my "styles" like Avant-Bossa-Nova (show in 
Mexico City last year -- played with percussionist Javier Diaz, 
bassist José Moura and computer, besides my voice and guitar!). you 
can find also Rocks a la Bartok, and new contemporary music...

Here are the links. Check it and let me know if they look OK. If you 
have patience I would recommend reading the comments. Click on "more 
info" on the right and you'll get the whole description of the piece. 
(if and when I post more, I will let you know...) Enjoy!...


Arthur/Tuca         "COPACABANA" avant 
bossa nova LIVE AT MEXICO CITY   (new)    BRIDGES for viola 
solo   (New)         TESÃO Live at 
Satalla NYC   (new)     Exoskeleton ( which is 
my Percussion Study IV for viola alla chitarra)  (new)   Remi 
Jousselme plays Percussion Study I

more to come...


Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to share this review with you: Today Tuesday July 1st,  NY TIMES. It's about my piece "La Meccanica Segreta dei Liutai e le Loro Inarrivabili Chitarre..." (The Secret Mechanics of Luthiers and their Impossible Guitars), for Guitar ensemble (58 Guitars!!!). (It's an homage to Thomas Humphrey an incredible luthier that died recently.)  The piece was played at the end of the NY Guitar Seminar (an event that happens every year at Mannes School of Music)  by all students and performers !  I had to put this piece together with 1 1/2 rehearsals and that was a HARD Task . Thanks to the good will of the participants, something of what I intended was played, and the energy was absolutely beautiful!! I hope to have video and recording of the piece sometime in the near future to post it in the web. I will let you know...
Hope everyone is having a great summer !!      best,  Arthur


Hi Everybody,

I would like to invite all of you to one of the most interesting events of the summer in NYC: The New York Guitar Seminar. Every year Mannes School of Music brings guitarists (and ensembles) from all over the world to perform at the Mannes' concert hall and give master-classes during the day. (Scroll down to see Mannes page with the Program to all events).

When: MY SHOW WILL BE JUNE 28th (this coming) Thursday @ 7:30.

Where: Manes School of Music (85th bet. Amsterdam and Columbus--150 West 85th Street)

What: My guitar music (The Percussion Studies series for guitar and viola); avant-bossas-novas, deconstructed songs and other Brazilian influenced music. The show will be a true mixture of my pop-hybrid pieces and some more avant-garde, complex stuff.

Who: Arthur Kampela (compositions, voice, guitar); Gregor Kitzis (viola); Denise Puricelli (Piano); Dan Barrett (cello); Jos Moura (electric bass); Javier Diaz (Percussion).

Admission $15 - Please purchase tickets at the door.
For full schedule of events Go To:


Hello Everybody,

I just came back from France and Germany. Had a fantastic premiere of 2 pieces by the LINEA Ensemble of Strasbourg, a phenomenal New Music Ensemble! The pieces presented in the program were for flute(s), guitar and electronics ("Elastics II" ) and for viola played 'alla chitarra' and electronics; ("Percussion Study V" ). They were played by the incredible flutist Mario Caroli and the amazing guitarist Pablo Marquez (he played both). It was truly powerful and very symbiotic the mix between live and prerecorded sounds!! It happened at the Museum of Modern Art of Strasbourg June 1st. It's a very beautiful and modern space in the midst of a medieval town... After the concert I had a show of pop-hybrid 'avantgardish' music with my bass player at another theater, called 'Hall des Chars...' Check these links below and you'll see some photos of my performance , the museum, some ensemble personnel, and at the end an interview in English with me.

02 juin 2007

22h30 Hall des Chars --- Arthur Campela Duo




Hi Everybody,

Below is the link to a web radio talk/music show I recently did. I showed some recordings of my music like 'avant garde' Bossas-Novas and some new music pieces: "Percussion Study 1" for guitar, "Exoskeleton" for orchestral viola played 'alla chitarra' and "Nosturnos" for piano solo recently released by Koch records and played by the amazing pianist Jenny Lin (available everywhere).
I also had some pieces from my old album:  "Tesão" ( kind of a rock a la Bartok were i sing both voices man and woman) and the Popera "Elevator Man, Onestaldo"  (a music theater piece i did back in the days). There you'll find too some live Bossas ( the last 2 pieces in the program -- it's a little improvised but I guess it gives an idea of the pieces' intention.  "Copacabana" is the first one and after you'll hear "Mirrors"). Unfortunately I wasn't able to show my recent piece "Antropofagia" for electric guitar and ensemble that premiered this past July at the ISCM 2006 (World New Music Days) in Germany played by the KNM of Berlin and Wiek Hijmans el. guitar. I don't have the CD yet, but it was a TOTAL BLAST, AMAZING REALLY!! Tell more some other time... Well, the Noizepunk boy and Das Krooner were great interviewers and put new music through the blender of contemporaneity with the necessary "crazyness..."  Hope you enjoy the show!


Click the link below.



The ISCM World Music Days July 2006 in Stuttgart Germany:

Arthur Kampela will have the premiere of "Antropofagia" for electric guitar and 16 musicians at the ISCM (World Music Days 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany. It will take place Thursday 20.07.2006 @ 20:00  Theaterhaus T2
Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
works by Shi-Rui Zhu, Arthur Kampela, Chico Mello (Program on July 20th 2006)


20:00  Theaterhaus T2
  Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
works by Shi-Rui Zhu, Arthur Kampela, Chico Mello


Kampela had the premiere of two of his pieces by the virtuosi chamber ensemble LINEA, from Strasbourg. The Ensemble LINEA is presenting the series "Champs Libres" focusing on works of the contemporary music repertoire. (
This concert featured besides Kampela the renowned composers Maurício Kagel and Vinko Globokar. The concert took place June 23rd at the "Hall des Chars" in Strasbourg. See below the excellent review of the works of Kampela. For more detailed info on program and to read the review scroll down.

Vendredi 23 juin  20h30 Le Hall des Chars

Eclats de rire avec Globokar qui insuffle un joyeux grain de folie juvénile à son Tribadaboum ! Fusions sonores frénétiques et spectaculaires chez Kampela, le Frank Zappa brésilien qui repousse les limites de l’instrument, comme du musicien. Et enfin, l’inimitable Kagel, qui mobilise ici un instrumentarium digne du catalogue des objets introuvables !   Mauricio Kagel

Dressur (1977)
Pour trois percussionnistes jouant sur instruments en bois : sabots, claves, sifflets, casse-noix...   Arthur Kampela

Layers for a transparent orgasm (1997) CRÉATION EUROPÉENNEPour cor.   Arthur Kampela

Exoskeleton (2003) CRÉATION EUROPÉENNE  Pour guitariste jouant de l’alto.   Arthur Kampela

Tribadaboum extensif sur rythme fantôme (1981)
Pour trois percussionnistes.

Pablo Marquez : guitare
Delphine Gauthier-Guiche : cor
Michael Pattmann : percussions
Asuka Hatanaka : percussions
Joao Catalao : percussions

Review quote:
..C'est cet éloge de l'invention qu'illustrèrent, entre les oeuvres pour percussions (Kagel et Globokar), deux extraordinaires solos signés Arthur Kampela, "le Frank Zappa brésilien" qui fut élève de Ferneyhough. Dans les éruptions de Layers....(1991), la corniste Delphine Gauthier-Guiche, ange ailé sur trapèze déroula de virtuoses cobminaisons du son de l'instrument et de la voix, comme en une Sequenza de Berio saisie d'affolement.
Epoustouflante performance certes, mais celle du guitariste P.M. jouant sur un alto le récent Exoskeleton fut plus prodigieuse encore. Le tranfert sur l'alto du vertigineux jeu de guitare produit de fantastiques gerbes, alliant hauteurs et percussion. "Une façon d'accroître les potentialités acoustiques de l'instrument", dit modestement le compositeur. Une belle découverte, parmi toutes celles proposées depuis quatre saisons par ces Champs Libres


Hi Everyone,

I played recently for a packed house at the 17th annual Raritan River Music Festival goes global in Stockton, New Jersey. It was a blast!! their ad said "The festival, which will take place in several venues along the Hunterdon banks of the Raritan River, also will include Arthur Kampela and Band, whose fusion of popular styles, such as bossa-nova and tropical, with contemporary classical music has led the leader to be dubbed "the Frank Zappa of Brazil," May 6, Prallsville Mills, which goes by Route 29, 1/4 mile north of downtown StocktonTheir web address is:

I would like to invite ALL OF YOU for my next show, this SATURDAY June 3rd at 10 PM at Sugar Bar.
( 254 West 72nd St. bet. Broadway and West End Ave.)

On Saturday June 3rd Kampela will perform with his new music band at

254 W 72nd St. NYC 10023 * 212.579.0222 *

I will be playing my percussive guitar pieces and brand new
Avant-Bossas-Novas, new-Baião, atonal Sambas, Rocks à la Bartók, etc

MUSICIANS: Jose Moura (electric bass and midi);
Dan Barrett (cello); Jasmin Lalande (Sax);
Denise Puricelli (piano); John Ostrowski ( Percussion)

PRICE: Cover $10 (food/drink min. $20)


Arthur Kampela will be lecturing and participating at The 6th New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes
New York, New York: 
Guitarists from the Big Apple
July 5-9, 2006